Global Affiliate Partners

What is your role as a Global Affiliate Partner (GAP)?

Members of your network—individuals, groups, organizations—purchase MCIN, and you receive a 20% commission. In turn, they receive a 20% discount by using your customized coupon.

How much does MCIN cost?

Only $295 USD before discounts and coupons.*

How are the commissions tracked?

You will receive a custom coupon that your network will apply when purchasing the program.  That code is then logged and identified as your sale.   For example, “use coupon code: MariaMCIN2021.”

How do I promote MCIN?

 We will send to you a one-page pdf that your contacts will need to purchase the course.  That’s it.

Are enterprise-licensing agreements available?

Yes, you can offer MCIN to organizations for enterprise-wide licensing.  With your formal introduction, our team will negotiate terms and conditions.  You, of course, receive the 20% commission.


Let us know if you would like to become a GAP.
MCIN will have a positive impact on the people and organizations that you recommend.
We look forward to an inspiring partnership.


*Price subject to change.