Communicate Confidently and Inspire Others

Vince Varallo, Joerg Schmitz & Stephan Mardyks 

Leading in English provides a valuable resource for more effective international business communication. Whether you're a non-native English speaker working in English every day, or a native speaker working with non-native speakers, this book levels the playing field with a host of  insights and tips using real-time examples. Through shared experiences and an engaging narrative, you'll gain confidence as you build the skills you need to communicate more effectively in the workplace. Impart information, relate to coworkers, or just have a friendly chat - this book helps remove uncertainty and streamline interactions. Whether language is a small stumbling block or a large hurdle in your workplace, this book can help you overcome the issues and be happier, more confident, and more effective at your job.  

Communication is tremendously important in the workplace.  When English presents a barrier, removing that obstacle must be priority number one. This book helps you do that, with expert insight, practical tips, and a bit of humor to help shift your perspective.



Leading in English guides us along a new path to better global understanding.  It does take two to tango, and I recommend this book highly."

Debbie Greagor
Global Development University
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation


“In a fast-paced global environment, it is easy to underestimate or overlook the challenges of international professionals in a predominantly English speaking working world and the potential impact on career progression and business performance. Leading in English is written by experts well versed in business dilemmas and real-life challenges, and provides new insights for individuals and organizations to be better prepared to team and lead effectively across differences and create an inclusive environment that allows all to thrive.”

Karyn Twaronite
Global Diversity & Inclusiveness Officer, EY


“The world is shrinking and speaking English.  Leading in English is invaluable for native and non-native speakers trying to be understood globally.”

Charlie Walter
Manager, BASF


“Every organization that touches the global arena deals with the recurring difficulties of working in English.  Leading in English elegantly defines the issues companies face on the front lines of conducting business in English—a real-world problem mostly overlooked in talent-management circles.  The authors develop a user-friendly, effective approach: highlighting the latent issues in basic communication that belie everyday business. They deliver a cogent approach for resolving problems from a leader's perspective.”

Michael E. Santa Maria
Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP


“International professionals are key to addressing the global shortage of leadership talent in organizations. Global talent strategies need to address the challenges they face. Leading in English sheds light on this important dimension: to communicate and be understood by global colleagues and customers, and create respectful and trusting relationships.”

Sylvester Mendoza
Director, Global Inclusion & Strategic Alliances, Northrop Grumman Corporation


“In an increasing international business context and time of people migration, this book provides valuable insights to the topic of language, communication, team effectiveness and organizational culture. In addition, it gives concrete guidance on how to improve level of inclusion in your company. I highly recommend it!”

Pia Höök
Global Diversity Manager, Skanska


Leading in English is a crucial book for global organizations. Conventional thinking emphasizes technicalities of language without linking them to leadership effectiveness. By exploring the intersection of language, confidence, and leadership, this book focuses on essential challenges for international professionals.”

山本 智巳
Satomi Yamamoto
General Manager, Global Leadership Studies
International Christian University, Tokyo